Caras: A care management system

September 1, 2023 by Caras Solutions
Caras: A care management system

Using a comprehensive care management system can significantly improve the caregiving landscape by enhancing the support and coordination provided to caregivers. A sophisticated and highly detailed platform can empower caregivers with tools to efficiently manage tasks, track schedules, and communicate seamlessly with fellow caregivers, medical professionals, and family members. By streamlining information sharing and enabling real-time updates, a care management system ensures holistic and well-informed care for individuals in need.

Caras is a care management system which has been specifically designed for care providers. Our fully integrated software solution allows agencies to manage their client care, staffing, administration, management and finance requirements. Please have a read through the features of Caras here:


This care management system will allow agency managers to match the right staff to the correct patient so that the needs of the service user are met on time. The system is designed so that staff rotas can be quickly adapted to deal with any sudden staffing issues.


With over 480 different management reports available, our care management system will easily allow care agencies to provide the right data for CQC inspections and react effectively to any changes in regulations. Caras is designed in such a way that any management data needed can be collected and seen in an instant.

Invoices and Payroll

The Caras care management system an export financial data directly to an agency’s chosen accounting and financial software. This will allow for financial information to be calculated automatically, saving a significant amount of time. The system can even export data directly to specific councils that use bespoke systems for payments, illustrating the versatility of our integrated software solution.

Mileage and Travel Time

Caras has the capability to automatically calculate both mileage and travel duration between appointments. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with various third-party accounting platforms. These calculations are intricately tied to the National Minimum Wage, guaranteeing that employees' compensation meets ethical standards while also leading to cost savings for our health care providers using our care management system.

Mobile App

Through our mobile app, support workers will be able to view their rota, receive lone work protection via location tracking and send and receive messages using any smartphone device. Carers will also be able to enter daily journal information and record times of arrival and departure via either GPS or postcode.

To find out more about the system and how it can help your agency, please speak with one of our team today.

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