Case Studies

Case Study: Insignia Healthcare

CARAS Software saves care provider 119 hours of manpower a week - freeing valuable resources to improve patient outcomes

Insignia Healthcare is a care provider covering Norfolk and the north of Suffolk, currently employing 106 members of staff. The agency provides specialist care for children and young people, most of which are NHS based and need 24/7 domiciliary support. In total, Insignia supplies +4,500 hours of care every week across 17 different clients. This is in addition to offering crisis support for local authorities.

Nearing the end of 2010, Insignia decided to invest in the CARAS care management solution to streamline its processes and reduce manpower spent on simple repetitive processes. This move is a firm commitment of the business’ strategy to provide the most comprehensive specialist care services to its users.

The management team at Insignia Healthcare Group realised that a large proportion of company resource was going towards repetitive administrative and financial tasks. They investigated how technology might assist in releasing this ‘trapped’ manpower and address the growing cost implications of this. The onboarding process involved system integration and API development work in order to meet the needs of the Insignia team. The CARAS solution replaced time-consuming tasks, allowing the company to save on unnecessary administrative staff costs. This then allowed for budgets to be redeployed into providing care for the children relying on the service.

Craig Secker, Managing Director at Insignia Healthcare Group, has been a CARAS user for over a decade and is a huge advocate of the software.

He comments: “We had always had two people working fulltime in our finance department dedicated to invoicing - however once we implemented CARAS it picked-up the responsibility and began automating most of our financial processes. Working through timesheets alone used to take up roughly seven days, or roughly fifty hours of manpower a week.

Another huge saving came in 2015 when the CARAS mobile app was introduced and all of our carers became able to check their staff rotas remotely in real-time. Prior to this, we spent roughly forty full days a month of manpower sending out rotas and updates to each client and care worker individually.

As you can imagine, implementing CARAS has allowed us to save a large amount of money on salaries that was used to cover these highly repetitive operational roles. This has allowed us to redirect budget to employ more staff who are able to focus on what really matters and improve the quality of the care we provide. The benefits from the CARAS solution allow us to add an extra level of value to our service that we simply were unable to before we implemented the software.”

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