Our software does not directly produce care plans. We do enable users to link documents to the management system - either as scanned PDFs or Word documents, and these are kept in unique record folders. This provides our users with the flexibility of providing their own more detailed plans and documents. They can also integrate with third-party specialists. Our in-house system integrators and technical team are happy to consult on this.
Yes. CARAS can be hosted locally and remote access to the system can be facilitated via Windows remote desktop. We advise our users to use the virtual web access Thinfinity. However, they can also access the software across a WAN using services such as MS Azure and Citrix. Our support team is always happy to work with a client’s IT team. We can also provide hosting through our partners We Solve It.
CARAS provides agencies with various options for this - depending upon their specific requirements. We can link a client’s system to CM2000, Ezitracker, Pass and Birdie for integrated tracking. We also have our own rota and monitoring option available – where clients can even run multiple monitoring methods directly from their core database.
CARAS has its own auto mileage tool which not only calculates travel time and mileage-based upon postcodes, but also provides options regarding gap periods and offers separate calculation methods for both clients and staff with minimum and maximum limits.
The payroll module within CARAS provides various ways of calculating rates for staff. Pay based upon activity types, time periods and individual rates can be configured for specific staff members. Our solution also offers the capability to pay staff based upon their availability - meaning CARAS is flexible enough to support clients of all sizes however they operate with their team’s deployment. This is ideal for short notice, on-call and out-of-hours carer placements.
There are no restrictions on the number of services, client or staff records, number of hours or branch information that a client can hold within the CARAS system. The back end of CARAS includes several security layers that can be set for users - limiting what data they can access and view. Our solution has the option to set administrators so they can view and create management reports across the whole organisation.
CARAS includes over 50 different invoice formats that can be generated directly from the system and provides export functions to Sage, QuickBooks, Xero 123 and more. However, this depends on where a client agency is based and the associated council contracts for that region. CARAS can also export data directly to specific council systems that use their own bespoke systems for payments. Alternatively, clients can provide information exported into excel for an accountant or payroll provider.
CARAS licenses are based upon concurrent users. Clients can create as many user logins as required but only the number of licensed users can access the system simultaneously. There are no restrictions on the number of records stored, or number of care hours delivered. Once a client has a license which includes full training, the only on-going fee is for annual support and a licensed user fee.
We are continually updating and developing CARAS to meet with both client and legislative requirements. The annual fee not only provides unlimited telephone software support, remote access support and license use rights but importantly software assurance meaning you receive any version updates as they happen, at no additional cost.
Our training program is bespoke for each client. One of our project managers is assigned to each client during the implementation process and initial training is provided, along with a free support period. Ongoing support, and if required additional training, is available via our dedicated in-house support team. Our team is totally client focused and ready to answer calls – without the need for a ticketing service!
The CARAS management solution provides for comprehensive staff details to be recorded, including personnel details and qualifications. The system also offers notifications for key events such as when training renewals are due – which helps to ensure compliance. We also have a separate HR module to record sickness, annual leave and recruitment processes.
Visit our Contact Us page for further information to arrange a free demonstration of the software and to discuss scalability and pricing.