Mileage & Travel Time

Retaining staff and ensuring ethical pay

Currently, recruitment is one of the largest challenges in the care industry, which is why it is so important that care providers are ensuring they pay ethical wages. Accounting for travel time and mileage manually can be a difficult task and can lead to inaccurate sums of money being paid back to carers, meaning care providers can often underpay or overpay staff..

Mileage & Travel Time

The automatic mileage and travel time feature in the CARAS system utilises GPS tacking and arrival time logging to ensure that staff are always being payed ethically, with the correct wage adjustments being made based on the National Minimum Wage, their travel time and mileage. This also means that money is not lost by overpaying staff and takes the guesswork and inaccuracy out of payroll. Rota Live & Monitoring works on both Android and Apple IOS devices.

Mileage and travel time between calls for each worker can also be directly linked into many third-party accounting systems, streamlining and automating many internal administrative processes.

The automatic mileage and travel time feature in the CARAS system
  • We had always had two people working full time in finance however once we implemented CARAS it picked up the responsibility and began automating most of our financial processes. Working through just timesheets alone used to take up roughly seven days, or 49 hours of manpower a week.
    Craig Secker
    Managing Director at Insignia Healthcare Group
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