CARAS New Features Overview – March 2022




Increased Functionality of Rota Live & Monitoring for iPhone Users 

iPhone users are now able to access far more functions within the Rota Live & Monitoring service than previously.

Functions new to IOS users include: 

  • Viewable access to Care Notes
  • Groups
  • Structured notes
  • Medication

From the iPhone, carers are now also able to confirm actions regarding medication tasks and can complete both care messages and online forms.





Module Update - Online Form Notifications

For clients utilising our mobile app and using the online form function, a notification is now sent to the welcome screen of the CARAS solution to alert managers once a carer completes and returns an online form whilst out on call.


Update - Client/Staff Monitoring Management Screens

Many of our clients using the mobile app are now using the client and staff monitoring screens to view in real-time calls being serviced. The auto-refresh function updates these screens as time passes throughout the day, so coordinators and managers can see instantly if any calls are missed, not started or finished, protecting staff as well as service users.


BNF Check Added – Medication

From any of the medication screens including carers using the mobile app, this new function enables users to check the selected medication against the BNF (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence) website. When selecting medications and using this function a new screen will open within the user’s web browser displaying all details associated with the selected drug.


New Function – Medication Management Screen

This new management screen shows all medication that is due to be administered for clients. As staff using the mobile app carry out medication tasks during the day, this on-screen report will refresh throughout the day. As medications are actioned during the day, they will be removed from view and updated in daily records. Medications that have been missed or not confirmed by the carer to have been administered remain on the viewable screen in red.


New Portal for NOK Access to Notes – Rota Live & Monitoring

This new secure portal enables permitted contacts linked to a client/record within CARAS to view by default the last seven days of care messages and daily notes that carers have made during visits.


Update - Structured Notes

A new edit function has been added to the structured notes module to prevent any accidental changes to a structured note whilst viewing the details and using the scroll wheel on a mouse.


Expanded Data Fields – Medication

A new layer has been added to the medication descriptions. This can be entered within the look-up lists to show important support values relating to medications i.e. Class A, Dangerous, Antibiotics etc.  If this is added to a client’s record and is using any of the printable MAR sheets within CARAS, all reports will be updated to reflect this new data.





New Report - Client Supervision Report

The report provides an overview of a client’s details in the CARAS system using a customisable selection of data including structured notes, groups, contacts, jotter notes, care notes, alarms and events.


New Report - HR Sickness CSV

A new report has been created based upon data held and recorded within the new HR sickness module. The report extracts data detailing the staff name, ID & number of days sick they have used during a selected period.


New Reports - Client Weight Chart & Client Turn Chart

Both reports can be found within the medication module. The Wight Chart details all patient weight data dating back one month including the start weight, finish weight, gain or loss and weights recorded during the period.  The Turn Chart report will display any data returned from the carer through the mobile application.


New Report - Activities with Care Messages CSV

For those using the care messages feature on the mobile app, this function produces a CSV report that matches events and calls with any care messages that have been sent – streamlining auditing processes.


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