Product Tour

Our solution provides all the features required for homecare health providers, nursing and locum agencies to manage their client care, staffing, administration, management and finance requirements.

Welcome to CARAS

Here you will find a tour of the key features and most-used functions within the CARAS system.


The homepage is the first thing you see upon logging in and provides you with important messages from the system before you navigate to select areas.

Client Search

Looking up a client is easy and precise. The system stores the most important data on each service user and gives you a breakdown of the care they are receiving, their requirements and any important contacts such as family members. 

Client Events

The system allows you to record client events in depth and quickly produce management reports, aiding with compliance inspections and internal efficiency.

Structured Notes

The structured notes section for each client shows a breakdown of their specific needs, the list is customisable by the CARAS user and can include everything from medications and interests to disabilities and dietary needs.

Medication Management

The solution allows you to easily track client medication during visits, and can produce a number of reports for internal and external review, such as MAR sheets.

Staff Scheduling

CARAS allows managers to easily match the right staff to meet the needs of the service user, meaning that agencies always have the right carers in the right place at the right time. The scheduling and rostering system is dynamic and can quickly adapt rotas to deal with sudden staffing issues.

Invoicing and Payroll

The solution can export financial data directly to your chosen accounting and financial software. This means that finances are calculated automatically, saving time and manpower on manual tasks such as working through timesheets. 

Mileage and Travel

CARAS automatically calculates mileage and travel time between calls and can be directly linked into many third party accounting systems. Calculations are linked to the National Minimum Wage to ensure that staff are never underpaid, meaning our clients are operating ethically whilst saving money.
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